The Securepoint IT security and access solutions

Securepoint offers you a wide portfolio of IT access and network security solutions. The Securepoint UTM-Firewalls provide complete protection for all company networks. The VPN-Gateways and certified KV-SafeNet-Gateways offer you highly efficient security routers. The Network Access Controllers allow you to dial in via WLAN/LAN simply and securely in order to gain access to the Internet. All Securepoint solutions meet the legal traceability requirements (European Community 04/2006/EC) and provide evidence in cases of legal infringement (provider liability, copyright infringements etc.). Here you can find the right solution for your area:

  • Hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry Solutions for tourism

    Hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry
    • Hospitality industry: Provides customers with secure Internet access in the foyer, conference area, restaurant etc.
    • Wireless (WLAN) or wire-connected (Ethernet, DSLAM, PLC) network infrastructure.
    • Flexible billing model/billing (e.g. free for clients, subject to a charge for walk-in customers).
    • Additional IP-based voice, pay-TV and video on-demand services.
    • Complete supply of all IT security services.
  • Local and government authorities Solutions for municipal buildings

    Local and government authorities
    • Public hot spots in municipal buildings, libraries, tourist offices, employment offices.
    • Secure access to the Internet/Intranet for mobile employees in local and state authorities.
    • Flexible billing model (e.g. free for clients, subject to a charge for walk-in customers).
    • Bug-proof networking and protection against all Internet threats in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Health care Solutions for doctors and practices

    Health care
    • Access to patient records and medicinal applications by medical staff anywhere in the hospital.
    • Internet and video as video on-demand services, free or fee-based for patients in their rooms.
    • Online billing via KV-SafeNet for doctors and practices with associations of national health doctors.
    • Secure doctor-to-doctor communication and data exchange (D2D) over the Internet.
    • Access to practice/clinic network when at home or on the road.
  • Education Solutions for schools, universities and libraries

    • Internet access for schools, teachers, administrative staff in class rooms, libraries, Internet cafés and laboratories.
    • Completely mobile, secure environment to enable teachers to give ICT-based lessons with laptop trolleys and wireless networks.
    • Sick leave and catering management in real-time.
    • Regulated access to the Internet via web content filters to protect pupils from pornography, racism and other threats.

  • Retail Solutions for department stores and Internet cafés

    • Improvements to processes via mobile sales and payment solutions for vendors give sales staff mobility and access to all business applications.
    • Offers customers added value, giving potential competitive advantage.
    • Protects customers and retail against all Internet threats.
    • Provides customers with secure Internet access in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Business Solutions for offices and law offices

    Companies, offices and law offices
    • Guarantees completely transparent access for employees, customers, suppliers, agents and mobile management to their applications (mobile offices, conference rooms, subsidiaries etc.).
    • Secure online access to the company via VPN to keep all company data secure.
    • Protection against annoying SPAM so as to not waste working time.
    • Restrict employee access to the Internet and specify which web accesses or files from the Internet are permitted.
    • Integrated protection against unauthorised access to sensitive data (e.g. online banking, passwords, hacking…).

  • Branch offices and managed services Solutions for secure site networking

    Filialen, Außenstellen und Managed Services
    • Simple, secure networking of any number of locations for subsidiaries and branch offices.
    • Simple integration into your existing IT infrastructure and utilisation, such as e.g WLANs, LAN, active directory etc.
    • Central management for thousands of Securepoint products with warnings issued when failures occur; monitoring is integrated into your central IT backup concept.
    • Implementation in virtual environments and for clouds.
    • Virus scanning of emails, file attachments (including packed) and all web accesses for viruses, trojans etc.
    • Protection against hackers and attacks on your network to keep your data secure at all times.
    • Automatic updates enable automated security updates in real-time.
    • High availability, clustering, multipath routing (connection to multiple DSL lines, dedictated lines to gateways and appliances), load balancing and QoS of Securepoint solutions are a given here.

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