Unlimited simultaneous connections

The Securepoint WLAN and Network Access Controller Cluster is suitable for conference and training rooms, offices, public areas such as schools, hotels, practices, public authorities, Internet cafés, restaurants etc. with any number of guests, customers and employees. The cluster consists of several NAC appliances that work in a network. The cluster allows you to provide simple and secure access to the Internet for thousands of users simultaneously, in addition to services such as web, email, voice, video etc. The Securepoint NAC appliances are quick, energy-saving systems for medium-sized and large enterprises and organisations. Extremely high data transfer data can be achieved with this product, which is designed for your server rack as a 19” server.

Your benefits

  • Secure access to the Internet without configuration
  • Via notebook, PC, mobile phone or iPad
  • From conference and training rooms, offices or public areas

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The benefit: Extremely quick and secure configuration! All Securepoint solutions can be installed and implemented very quickly thanks to the uncomplicated and user-friendly graphical administration interface. In addition, the design interface allows you to set up the guest access in such a way that your website can be adjusted with ease.


Complete solution for LAN and WLAN

Securepoint Network Access Controllers contain all of the modules required for operation (LDAP directory, RADIUS server, DHCP server etc.) and do not need any additional tools or systems. The Securepoint Network Access Controller is placed between a company LAN and a wire-connected (Ethernet, DSLAM, CPL) or a wireless access network. The entire inbound and outbound data traffic is routed across the Securepoint Network Access Controller to ensure absolute data security, to simplify LAN integration, to facilitate administration and to improve ease of use.


Mobile access without configuration

The users’ PCs or PDAs are not always configured to allow a connection to the access network to be established. Securepoint Network Access Controllers enable users to dial into and access network resources without prior configuration or installation, and without requiring technical support. IP addressing, Internet proxies, emails etc. are handled automatically. User-friendliness is improved significantly and technical support is reduced to a minimum.


Guest access

Securepoint provides solutions in the areas of secure guest access, access without configuration and user account management. Network visitors are supplied with an uncomplicated and user-friendly web tool. This adjustable delegation feature can be used to define the tasks of the delegated administrator in advance. An authorised person can create a temporary account with Securepoint and assign a predefined profile with a time frame and/or a time credit to this account. A connection ticket is generated and sent to the user. In addition to this visitor hosting tool, the Securepoint WLAN and Network Access Controller can be used for user self-registration on the NAC portal. This does not require third-party intervention because users receive their connection settings by text message on their mobiles or they purchase time online, e.g. using their credit card.


Zone management

Securepoint allows you to define zones, such as the reception area or offices in a business, the foyer or the rooms of a hotel etc. Depending on the zone from which a user dials in, Securepoint shows the appropriate authentication portal - free of charge or subject to a charge, with or without time credit. The administrator can decide to block access from specific zones, e.g. connection to office areas is blocked for visitors. A zone is connected to one or more VLANs. Securepoint supplies administration, configuration and monitoring functions using a simple and intuitive web interface. A special feature of Securepoint is its ability to display the users connected and the applications being used in real time.


Strict administration of access rights

Each user receives a profile that describes the authorisations of the user in question (Internet, email, company-internal applications) depending on time, location and the user’s function within the company in precise terms. The profiles are applied dynamically whenever users are logged in. Securepoint is able to divert the outbound data traffic depending on the profile of the user to a specific VLAN and the Internet data traffic, too. This enables different user groups to be limited and thus the company’s security policy to be enforced. Securepoint is able to manage multiple profiles, portals and levels of data confidentiality: Securepoint corresponds with the encryption mechanism (TKIP, AES) that is standardised by IEEE 802.11i and is present in the terminals.


Communication data protocols

If a company permits visitors to access its network, it is legally required to save the communication data of the visitors in the network (European directive 24/2006/EC). Securepoint fulfils these requirements by managing the session logs (who logged in and when) and activity logs. This data is saved in a database and can be analysed with flexibility if required.


User authentication

Securepoint supplies a complete RADIUS server for user authentication that checks the identity of the users using a web portal. Authentication using the web portal is especially suitable for visitors due to its simple operation. Securepoint can ensure a high level of security for employees by using a RADIUS server. Securepoint kann mit jeder Art Directory (LDAP oder Active Directory) verbunden werden. Managing the authentication procedure is simple and takes place using a secure web interface.


Two-man rule

NAC supports the two-man rule for logs and reports. This principle states that important decisions should not or must not be made by one individual or critical tasks should not or must not be carried out by one individual. The aim is to reduce the risk of errors and misuse or to provide transparency, e.g. when it comes activities relevant to industrial law.


Syslog function

The new syslog function allows you to send syslog log data of the NAC to any syslog server for evaluation. The free of charge syslog server of the Securepoint Operation Center (SOC) can also be used for this.


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